Been dating for a good while and was introduced to the fam...

I read an article about "When dating a Widowed Man" signs and actions to look out for. One thing its said about meeting the fam was..."Don’t worry whether friends and family will approve of you. Your only concern is whether or not the widower is embarrassed to tell others about you."

His friends was one thing and not mention it was his friend that introduced us and said he thought we would be good together. Over time I've been introduced to other close friends outside of that particular circle. Now just the other day I was introduced to his mother and she spent the afternoon with us. Kinda like a chill family day...he has a child and I have 2 from a previous marriage. All went well and we all seemed to have had a pretty good time.

With that being said...he's been showing progress of moving past his loosing late wife of almost 2 years since we've been dating. A once framed obituary of her is now covered by a gift from me and his friends and colleagues know of me. Ever now an again he makes attempts to reassure me that he isn't going anywhere and that he cares a lot about me. I've put no pressure on his to commit and become an exclusive couple and respect that he wants to take it slow and see where it goes.

I'm just wondering what direction are we


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  • I'm going to put this short and simple.


    • Forward...really how so? Thanks by the way.

    • He lets you meet his friends. He lets you meet his family. He even lets you change some things so they are of you.

      That's how so forward.

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