Guys: When a guy doesn't reply? I want him to and try to give him opportunity to continue the convo but he ne

I think this guys likes me based on in person behavior, but I am unsure other times because he often doesn't reply via text if I don't ask something else, like he can't think of anything to say but “what's up?” or “how are you?” So last weekend I texted him, asking him if he would be somewhere last and he said “probably!” I really wanted to reply, but I never did because I didn't know what to say. So yesterday I texted him asking him to do something for me and he said “okie I will!” so I said “thanks:)” but he never replied after that. Was it because he just doesn't wanna talk to me\doesn't like me?
And he is pretty shy-around me anyways. He can be a little socially awkward at times. And I do know he hates at least calling people-and not really a big texter either


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  • Well texting isn't everything but the guy who likes me texts me a lot. It started with a few messages a day, now we sometimes have convos lasting hours and exchanging dozens of texts. I know when I like someone I try real hard to keep the convo going, and so do most others (guys and girls). So it isn't a NO- he doesn't like you, but it is not a great sign.

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  • If a guy wants to chat with you, he will find something to say, even if he's talking to you about shoelaces or arguing about why the "T" on the Tide box is black, not blue. (That's an actual tactic that was used on me.) There is no mystical shortage of topics, no "shy guy secret" that prevents a guy from tapping out a quick message "Hey, how are you?" on a phone (which he should be picking up to call you with anyhow).

    You're young and September's right around the corner. Find a different guy to moon over.


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