How can I stop this self sabotage?

Since I've had mostly bad dating experiences, I've gotten to the point where I reject women before they reject me and frankly I've become slightly misogynistic. I no longer give any attention to women at all. I have had multiple experiences where the girl shows interest (I do believe I'm better than average looking at least) but as soon as we start talking the attraction slowly fades away. I've experienced this more times that I would like to admit but it's the truth. (I guess I'm just boring?) I'm aware of my flaws I just don't know how to fix them. I want to get rid of my bitterness towards women. My first step is too not go on this site too much and basically avoid male, female type of discussions but I feel like I need more. I want to turn back to the hopeless romantic that I was once before. I want to believe that NOT all women are shallow materialistic whores and I KNOW that's as a fact but I don't BELIEVE it. I'm not a forgiving person so that's why I'm having such trouble with this.

Any help is appreciated, thanks


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  • Wow! Sounds like you hate women, but I am sure there is woman or women behind your reasons so I cannot judge. How about just going extremely slow until a bit of your faith in women is restored? By going slow, I mean skip romance, relationships, and find women to be just friends with, no attraction involved just friendships with women you meet. I know deep down you know all women are not like that, but it is a bitterness that causes you to take that attitude towards all women even though in your heart you know it is not true. I know what you mean about not forgiving, but the women who hurt you do not represent the remainder of the female population. There are plenty of good women out there that are not "shallow...whores". Find a way to release or channel that bitter energy because in the end you do not want to end up lonely and you do not want your past experiences to cause you to miss the right good girl for you when she shows up. Find a way to release that energy I talked with someone on this site about something that I think may help you too. Write a letter addressed to the women that have hurt you and it express yourself without edit or censorship once your done rip the letter up or burn it.


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