3 months I've been seeing this guy and romance level =text message......

I have been seeing this guy for 3 months now and all I get for romance the past month and a half is a text once in a while, after I make the the move and talk to him first. No action on his part...

He and I go to different schools--and he thinks we keep in contact a lot... I mean I may get text sometimes daily or at least several times a week-but come on that takes you less than 5 minutes to write... I have told him I want more romance straight up and he has tried, but honestly I don't feel so much like I am still dating him.

Another thing that puzzles me--(he and I are from different cultures and family values in such are different) I have introduced him to my family at a casual cookout for the past holiday. His mom came over from their country and has been over here for almost 2 months now. He still hasn't told her about me and yet he will tell his siblings about me.

I always have to explain how I feel to him as well.. and yet when I ask him how he feels about me I rarely get an answer... I know guys generally don't like to talk about that stuff... but he and I have been seeing each other for a while... and really all I want is some re-assurance that he cares...

I just feel like he is not making any effort...

Guys... what do you think?


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  • I think you need to be direct AND specific about what it is you're wanting.

    Do you want to be introduced to his mother?

    If yes, say so.

    Do you want him to spend more time communicating with you in general?

    If yes, say so.

    Do you want to know how he feels about you specifically, and where the relationship is going to be in the next three months?

    If yes...are you sensing the pattern yet?

    If you want a guy to do something, say something, indicate something...be direct and specific.

    We will respond to that.

    • The thing is I have done that already.. and yet this pattern of stuff keeps happening... I just feel like I am in a love/hate relationship all the time.. today even he only talked to me for 5 mins.. or less and we were susposed to have a Skype date(since we both are at school now) I am so pissed off. -- oh and here is my favorite excuse he uses--- I'm tired and sleepy-gotta go to bed... so he is like I gotta go and I'm like fine- night and hung up in his mid-sentence.

    • It sounds like he's not interested in the relationship. He's probably waiting on you to break up with him.

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