What do you think of casual dating, casual sex, etc., nowadays?

I think people are getting hesitant of getting close to one another. I don't think it's a bad thing to explore your sexuality though and fooling around does help you appreciate a good relationship later on.

Still, it's all the hype and I'm wondering if people are just struggling to express their emotions so the opt out for the easy road!

Share your thoughts!:)


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  • I haven't been able to go through with it or justify it. There have been times where I thought about having a one night stand

    or fling, but never proceeded. It seems wrong to me, because I feel like I'd be using the girl and her body ( since I have no feelings whatsoever for her other than I think she is attractive). So I mean, casual sex isn't for me. I feel sex should be reserved for when you're in a relationship with someone and actually like the person. But I mean, to each his or her own. I can't judge someone for wanting to having sex, if that's what they want. We all live our life according to what makes us happy.


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