Should I message her, after she rejected me and haven't spoke for a year and a half since?

im kinda new to this site, but here goes:

There was this girl I was good friends with, and we always used to hang out together and just talk for ages. I had a crush on her for a long time, and when I finally told her it turned out she was already seeing someone else and so rejected me. I Haven't seen or spoken to her since then (a year and a half ago), I miss her alot, and miss what we used to have.

I really want to message her, but I'm worried it would be too awkward and things couldn't be the same again even if I tried.

any ideas what I should do?


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  • Man you need to let that bitch go. Don't waste your time on no ho especially if she ain't feeling have so many woman out there who can fill that gap. I know how you feel I been through the same thing my self and the more you want this person the more harder it is to escape her hold on you.

    My best advice go better yourself do what makes you happy go get ya paper. don't spend your time chasing someone who doesn't appreciate you. one day you will find someone who appreciates you and you won't want this girl anymore or even think about her or want any connection it happened to me and I moved on.

    P.S You should go to the strip club and release some stress lol


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  • It won't hurt anything to try. You can just text her, ask how she's doing and from there see if she's interested in trying to re establish your friendship. It won't be the same instantly, but the more time you spend together the more likely things will fall back into place

  • Nah, it is not a good idea.

    Just try to make to friends.

  • No.


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