What should I do go with my girlfriend or friends?

So I asked this girl out that I've been talking to for a while and she said yes I put it up on Facebook and the other girls I talk to finally tell me that they like me and I used to like them a lot and kind of still do. My guy friends tell me to stay with the girl I'm with now, but I'm starting to get feelings for the other girls. I know the girl I'm with now would be better for me but the other girls would be more fun I guess you could say.. What would you say I should do!? And I'm not the kind of guy to cheat on a girl so I couldn't ever do that..!


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  • You can have something serious with your current girlfriend while the other ones are just some girls amongst other...even if you like them, it may change and be more fragile than your actual relationship.

    If you want to grow, learn, and try being in a serious relationship I'll say you should stay with your current girl as you said you have feelings for her and it sounds like you guys are doing fine.

    If you wanna flirt around and just want to play...go for the others. Like you said they are otherS! But I can tell you, I'm positive they don't like you that much...the odds that many girls are crying telling you right after you changed your relationship status on fb sounds so fake... I think they may be in for a spin and leave you alone just after you started showing them interest again.

    • Thanks that's really true.. I can tell they both like me a lot because they talk to their friends about me 24/7 or else I wouldn't think they actually like me either..

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  • Well if you want to be mature I say practice self discipline and stay with the girl your with. That's what being with someone means. That you may be attracted to someone else but you don't go off and chase them. Its the work in the relationship.

    If you don't want to be mature... Then cut off your chain that's holding you back and chase!

    • thats true would you say I wouldn't be able to talk to them either? 2 of the girls I've been best friends with for years so just stop talking to them wouldn't be easy at all..

    • No that doesn't solve much. Itll make you feel bad and alittle lonely and cause yourself more harm. Tell them you can't and that's that. Itll be awkward at first but friends always come back. At least in my experience they still talk to me. Some need time though

  • Okay, since you have feelings for the other girl, you should go with her cause even though the current girl you're with right now may be better, but you don't like her more than the other girl. Yea you said that you can't see yourself cheating, but it can happen without your control.

    • Well the thing is is that I have a little feelings for one of those girls and I have a ton of feelings for my gf..

  • Do something fun with your girlfriend. Some of this has to do with you not with your girlfriend.

    Or cut her free and go chase tail...the grass is always greener.

    Some people just need the thrill of something new all the time, you might be one of these people.

    • what do you mean do something fun with her?

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    • i can't go snowboarding because its summer right now but she's not really a sexual girl at leasnt not yet so I can't really do most of that and I wouldn't ever force her or anything..

    • Okay. Well, it wasn't meant to be taken literally-just ideas. It just means that sometimes you have to "love the one you are with"...or in your case "have fun with the one you are with".

      Have a bonfire, go camping, go to a club? Blow gigantic bubbles and see how far they float.

      Google free local events...like free music in the park...free plays in the park...food festivals...fairs...? I have no idea what is fun for you...just do something.

  • i say stay with the girl you're with now... it's a bit weird they are telling you these things after you change your relationship status on Facebook. They are probably joking around.

    • i know they arnt joking around because 2 of them called me crying and I just find it weird they say this after I start dating someone.

    • It's a possession thing...girls change their mind a lot, specially when they realize there is something they can't have anymore... Because they can't have it, they want it. Once they have it, they don't want it anymore... I used to have friends acting this way.

    • that sounds about right, one of the girls said you never realize what you have until you lost it when they called me so that's true!

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  • I'd say you should stay with the girl you are with now, you asked her out, so you must like her, what you really need to ask yourself is if you like any of the other girls or if you just like the idea of them

    • Thats true bro.. I think I just like the idea of them..

    • Then stay with the one you actually like

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