Is a guy into you if he texts you every day?

I've gone out with this guy a couple of times (I initiated). We text back and forth every day, but he never brings up going out. We also talk on the phone every few days. He is very busy, but I think if someone is really interested in you they will make time. Is he just not into me? If so, why does he keep communicating me?


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  • Every text, every phone call, and every communication is a priority. The way I see it, is that this guy has fit you into his busy schedule. He certainly doesn't seem to be doing it for the heck of it. Take heart in that his priorities include you. He might seem to need a little encouragement in asking you out. Perhaps he wants to, but he continues to talk to you because he himself either lacks confidence in doing so or wants you to continue liking him until he feels absolutely comfortable before he does. Remember, guys hate rejection. Let him know that all signs are good for him to ask you out :).


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