How long until a girl doesn't think twice about asking a guy she's been dating out?

I've been on two dates this girl. Made out on second date. We get along great. I asked her out again but she was busy. Do I ask her out again or wait until she asks me out? My experiences seems to be that girls seldom ask me out even though they really like me...


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  • No time limit ever...until she sets a real boundary with you and makes it clear she wants nothing to do with you.

    Persist. Up to the point she says No of course.

    Nothing wrong with being persistent. Lots of women like to be chased. Unfortunately that is just the way it is...the guy often has to do more work...but the effort should pay off if you get to spend time with a really great girl that likes you as much as you like her.

    You never know what's up...she might be busy...she might be playing with you...she might be figuring stuff out.

    I think a lot of people are always trying to figure stuff out and then...all of a sudden they get married.


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