What is the pros and cons for dating a guy with a kid?

Does anyone know before I decide to date someone with a kid


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  • Pros - men w children are more likely to be faithful because they won't be bringing tons of different women around their kids ( or at least I'd hope not), they are usually more responsible and caring and compassionate.

    Cons- they will be busier and not be as available, you will not be their priority (which is to be expected), possible baby mama drama ( not always the case though)


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  • Pros: You get to have a child without having one.

    Cons: Breastfeeding.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think there are any pros.

    The only pro is if you love him and his kid and want to be a part of their lives...that is the only pro.

    The cons are: It's not your kid, he already has financial burdens to take care of...

    The ex is often still in the picture.

    You have to sometimes do kid oriented stuff.

    You will not be priority number one.

    The kid may not like you very much at first.

    It means he has had a failed relationship and got children involved in that.


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