Is this wrong? IS he leading me on? HELP!!!

Do you think it's wrong to take a girl (we'll call GIRL 1) out on your birthday in July (that you don't know that well at all, but ask about her to other people and get her number off facebook). After the date, you just text her saying you are thinking about her and call her every 3 weeks or so since then. You get back into a relationship in Septebmer with a another girl, GIRL 2 (who you have been on and off with for a while) and it ends officially in January.

And then you keep textin GIRL 1 (since the end of January/begining of February) the girl you took out in July and keep hinting at going back out with her since February, saying you two need another trip like the first date, but haven't done so? Is that leading GIRL 1 on and should she forget about him? or is he still getting over the other relationship and enjoying being free? Is this wrong to say a month and a half ago ya'll need to go back out and still not asked her out? I NEED HELP PLEASE!


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  • hey, you still didn't get the balls to ask him on another fishing trip? LOL it's ok tho :) why don't you do this, get one of your friends to ask him for you. I knowthats kind of a middle school thing but your really crushing on him. I bet you post questions 3+ times a week... Also ok LOL but you better stop thinking and do something about him or another girl is gonna grab him!

    • I post because nobody ever answers! LOL. So I have to repost and I honestly don't know what to do. Maybe I should just ask him? But what if he is not interested? I don't know I don't want to be too pushy.

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    • So once a month. I'd say that's alright even maybe try twice a month. Do you text first or him? I'm not sure about this could be a good question to post but I think it takes 3 months for every year they were together. So your looking at a while but it takes no time to just be friends. If you like him and think he's the one your gonna have to be his best friend sometime. Inorder to become a best friend you gotta be a normal friend first.

    • Ok. I might ask that question. He usually texts me first. But the last time I texted him and he took a day to respond, and then I said lets go catch up soon and he said "You busy this week?" and I mean he didn't have to say that, he could have just said, "Yeah that would be good." or something so it kindof led me on but I never heard from him. Do you think that was wrong for him not to at least tell me he couldn't do anything or not since it wasn't set in stone?

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  • Did you tell him when you'd be free? Next time it happens and he asks you that, even if your free every night just pick one day like say it's Tuesday and he asks if your free this week say ya Thursday. Pick one day then maybe he'll be free that day too. Act somewhat busy


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  • He sounds to be unsure on what he wants. he liked girl 1 but he also liked girl 2, depending on the connection with both the girls, he choose to date girl 2 first but have a back up incase girl 2 fell out... Before agreeing to going out again, girl 1 should just continue to text him and suss him out and make sure she don't get hurt...

    • He is very passive and is used to being lead in a relationship. So should a girl that likes him ask him out if he hints at wanting to go out but hasn't followed through?