Do women lose interest easily?

I've known this girl in my class for years, but it's only recently where I felt there was real interest coming from her. I've seen her maybe 9 or 10 times over the past couple months and each time there was more flirting from her. She was the one coming up to me and initiating it. At first I kind of ignored it because I didn't think she was interested, but then the last time I saw her, I did the real test. I ignored her the whole time and then I was amazed when she came up to me on her own again and touched me and flirted and all that. The next day I made up my mind that I was gonna ask her out the next time I see her.

Unfortunately it's gonna be a few weeks before I see her again and now I'm afraid she's gonna lose interest in the span. I want to ask her out in person. I mean, isn't there a chance that she "gave up" after the last time we interacted, deciding that because I didn't ask her out then that I'm not interested? It's took me a while to get to the point where I want to ask her out because I'm kind of amazed that she might have interest in me as I have interest in her.


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  • No, women don't lose interest easily once you've got theri attention. They spend a while preparing, considering options, over thinking and hoping, and then finally agree to meet with you. A girl who moves on too easily os either not really interested in you at all OR was only interested in you from a very shallow perspective that faded after a short time.

    • okay, you think this girl's interest will fade? I mean, I only just decided to ask her out, I hope it's not too late.

    • If she likes you and you caught her attention, why would her interest fade so quickly?

  • Usually if a girl 'gives up' without a good reason she just as likely to take it back.
    But who knows. Human nature is rather wishy-washy.
    Don't give up hope, it's most likely she's still into you if it lasted this long!


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