How do I ask him to meet up?

So there is guy I've been friends with for a while we talk every now and then and about a month or so ago I told him I liked him but he doesn't feel the same way and doesn't want a relationship right now.

Which I told him I understand and that's fine .

We were supposed to meet up because we were talking about having sex (it would be my first time) but we didn't end up seeing each other. We talked about it over text and he knows I don't what to get hurt and so we pretty much left it at that, its been about 3 weeks now but I would still like to meet up with him but don't have an excuse to anymore.. How should I go about asking him to meet up?

we were supposed to reschedule meeting up , but never really did.


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  • Honey, why would you want to meet up with him? I know you probably like him but trust me, you're better off moving on. :/

    • I know what your saying but we are also friends and have been friends for a while and I don't want to loose our friendship. When I say meet up I mean as a catch up as you would with a friend.. I'm probably not making much sense but I'm just kinda confused as to what to do and I don't really know what his thinking.. or how he sees me anymore :/

      thank you!

    • Then if you just wanna meet up with him as a friend, just send him a friendly text, as a friend would do, asking to hang out. We girls put so much thought into the way the guys we like are going to perceive what he send them, tell them, etc, while on the other side, we don't really care about the way we say things to our guy friends. So just send him anything, really. :) Good luck!

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