Guys, what kind of kiss do you prefer? Just feel curious.

what kind of kiss do you prefer?

for the first few dates,

more lips or tongue?

guys want girls to follow or dominate?

soft and gentle or passionate and intense ?

moan or not? (will you guys feel gross?)

if you feel she is a good kisser, will you tell her directly

or will you lie to her that "u are a good kisser"

just curious, hah

loads of small questions lol


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  • Ok 1. For the first few dates, I'm a gentleman so I will just do the traditional closed mouth kissing ocassionaly biting her lip.

    2 . More lips, but that's just because I'm not trying to have sex on the first few dates.

    3. I was raised old south, so I believe the man should lead and the woman follow.

    4. Soft and gentle, occasionally getting intense, you know where intense ends up at, so you want to pace yourself.

    5. Moaning is OK in small doses, and I'm not sure what you mean by if we would feel gross, but just keep it to a minimum.

    6. And last but not least, if she is a good kisser I will tell her. But now if she terrible, I don't lie to women, so I wouldn't say anything to her about her kissing / making out skills.

    That should do it for your many questions ma'am.


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  • A long lingering smooch is lovely and just the thing to give me a hard time.

  • I hate tongue. I just like lip on lip kiss. if the lip is sexy especially the part between the upper lip and the nose, if it is smooth and hairless I like to suck and suck that part.


    moaning while kissing oh yes it's sexy

    I would tell her directly if she is a good kisser.


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