Why did he stop texting me?

So I was talking to this one guy and throughout the conversation he would ask me for my pic but I never gave him one and in our conversations he told me that he doesn't like to hurt girls and he was giving me complements how nice I was and he liked talking to me and he would always say text you tomorrow. :). So I sent him a picture of me when I dyed my hair. All he said was can I see a picture of you in your natural hair color when I said no. He didn't ever text me again. So why did he stop texting me? We never met in person. Thanks for your help!


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  • I never ask for pics personally usually I let them woman I am talking to choose when she is comfortable with exchanging pictures. I would definitely like to know the person pretty well before I just sent them a picture of myself. It's just a lack of manners, some people are just out right rude to everyone especially the opposite gender when it's uncalled for. Its a good thing you didn't send him the picture because he sounded kind of creepy, hounding you for one. Next time you talk to strangers and they ask for your picture, just let them know you will send one when you feel comfortable talking to them.


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