I can't figure this girl out. I need your help?

I was on twitter and I tweet that I have to go get my dreadlocks retwist soon. This girl I know tweeted back, "I will do it for u! ;)". So I said that I took off a day next week so I can get it done before my birthday. She said "OH that is right! Let me know what you're doing...U know I have to come". She couldn't take that day off to do my hair. I said that I'm willing to take a chance on her doing my dreadlocks. She said, "bet... make sure you get it done good for your birthday... and maybe I can do them next time! ;)".

I was thrown off with the winky faces. So I was searching on here what's the meaning of the winky faces. Some say flirting, while some say its just a friendly thing. So in this situation, what does it mean? Is she trying to throw me hints?


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  • The wink's just a flirtatious expression. In most cases, however, it's used to easily and too lightly in texting/tweeting/etc. and is not to be taken seriously.

    • So the wink's in my situation is flirtatious?

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    • I took next Friday off (birthday on Thursday) so I have time on Friday to get it done. She have to work that day. That's why we couldn't do it this time. Its just the winks throws me off every time I talk to a girl. I don't know if its flirty or she just put that in a text all the time.

    • Well, take them very casually until you know more about her style of expression. It's better for you. :-)

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  • That's tough. She could be interested or she could just be playing around. I would take her up on her offer, what do you have to loose?

    • This is not the first time she did this. She did it a couple of times when we text. She also did one more time when she comment my status.

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  • It's not really important what she means. If you like her, you have a green light, so go for it!

    • Ok. The light is green... I'm going for it. Wish me luck.

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