Why are all the attractive girls taken at my age?

OK this is really getting on my nerves and starting to piss me off. I started college last week and I've talked to a few girls at orientation but I haven't seen them since.

The cute girls I see now are already taken or talking to guys and it really aggravates me, and not to sound cocky but I'm better looking than most of the ones they are talking to. They will glance at me, then act like they didn't or the girls who hold eye contact are the ones I'm not attracted to...

Today I was in class and there was a cute girl 2 seats over that I could see was clanking at me out of the corner of her eye and then we had to choose lab partners.. Before I even thought about asking her some random guy does and she said yes.. That's just one of the examples but I really do feel like every single girl my age that is attractive is already taken, and I'm only 18.

What am I suppose to do?


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  • So they're talking to other guys. So what? Why is that stopping you from talking to them? That cute girl in the lab? Talk to her. She's lab partners with another dude, doesn't mean she's f***ing him. Same damn thing goes for probably 90% of the rest of the "taken" chicks you're talking about.

    Just talk to her man, talk to her right in front of the other dude's face. That's ballsy. Girls like ballsy.

    • I agree

    • Yeah talking never hurts. Just don't do it if you know her boyfriend is right there.

    • If her boyfriend is right there, he'll let you know he's her boyfriend. No harm done.

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  • If you were better looking, you wouldn't be asking this because you'd be dating one of them

    You might think you're the ish, but you're probably not

    • I have asked for honest opinions by people on here and other places, I'm told that I am attractive, but I cannot even make female friends.

    • LOL @ peace.love.couture I was about to write the same exact thing!

    • People online will bullsh*t loads

      Everyone on here tells everyone who posts a pic online that they're attractive

  • They're talking to them, not yet dating. It's been a week, and you're already upset? Really, college in those first few weeks is a big mixing bowl of hormones and alcohol. Chill out.

    Get out there and talk to those girls. If she's already exclusive with some guy, you'll know soon enough. College isn't like high school, in college you are going to have to get used to the competition (not that there's much, most are now 2/3 girls and 1/3 boys as far as enrolment goes). You talked to them at orientation, where did you disappear to after that?

    Looks are not everything anymore in college. They matter but confidence, charm and personality have a lot more influence. The guy every girl in my class wanted is 5'6", has a wide purple scar on his face but he's confident, charming and super easy to talk to.

  • Ummmm you answered your own question lol. They're attractive. you find them attractive and so does the next guy, and somehow he got there faster than you.

  • Well if you find someone attractive it's often harder to hold eye contact than if you don't care about them.

    The girls that are taken obviously want a relationship and maybe you're giving off the wrong signals, like you only want to hook up or you just don't come across as relationship material

    As for the girl in your class, the other guy was just faster. It would have been impolite to refuse when she didn't have another partner. And she couldn't have known that you wanted to ask her

  • Well those girls may find your look intimidating or overrated. But also your attitude seems a little childish.

  • they are? I thought they were mostly single

  • You've only been at college a week and you're already frothing at the mouth about chicks?

    Down, boy.

    Keep meeting girls and stop getting pissed off at the drop of a hat.

    • Can you give us some suggestions on how to meet girls, make friends and maybe get some dates? I'm not after one night stands, but wondering if I should look for them every so often to try to not be so shut in.

      I don't have any friends on campus, so I have to start from scratch. what do you advise?

      (I do have a question about tomorrow, answer there or here, just want suggestions :) )

    • Talk to a lot of people -- including new guys, who might have female friends or access to different social circles where there are different females.

      Join some clubs or activity groups that you might be interested in. There is always an easy souce of conversation (whatever the club is about)

      Get to class a little early and hang out by the door while the previous class is wrapping up. Tons of great conversation there.

      Know what's going on around campus/in town ... convo & invitations.

  • well a lot of guys like attractive girls. you're going to have more competition. that's life, kid.


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  • keep looking man just keep looking

    and stop being so "i'm so much better than them" and think about this old phrase as I think it still runs true "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

    and it just seems that the really cute or sexy girls that I have somewhat gotten to know have turned out to be lesbians(nothing wrong with it) or already have boyfriends

    and the whole lab partner thing is just crap cause maybe she knows the guy and is just friends with him and you just think she was looking at you

    currently I'm 20 and still single though I am planning to ask one of my female friends out soon that if I can work up the guts to do so -.-

    well I can tell you these tips(can't grantee anything)

    1. girls are not objects so never think about them like that(I actually heard one of my female friends tell another male friend of mine to stop looking at girls like meat as they do not like that)

    2. if you like someone GET TO KNOW THEM I think it works better that way(but then again what do I know)

    3. try to avoid unrealistic dreams like the crap that happens in movies as that is not how real life works

    4. if you are that impatient then I suggest you take a crack at some of those dating websites

    5 if they say they are not interested in you move on and don't waste your time with them as it won't work most of the time

    6 if you do find a girl who is available and choose to ask her out be ready to get the answer no or be ready to completely commit to them if they say yes

    hope this help :P and learn some chivalry too it might be helpful to you be kind to all as every few people like self-righteous a**holes

  • I found them first.

    Sorry man...

    but seriously, they're attractive.

    Why wouldn't they be taken?

  • I'm sorry but you sounding a little bratty which makes sense since you're only 18. You just started college, don't expect a relationship to be handed to you right off the bat. from my experience girls tend to hook up with any random guy at that age due to college loneliness. They might not be being very selective.

  • I feel you man. When I was 18. All the girls my age always dated older guys. I''ll be 25 in a matter of months so hopefully il have better luck then. Maybe you will too.

  • I don't know man happens to every guy so don't feel too bad. I hated it too, you see a cute girl you finally gain the courage to approach her and bam walks, in her douche bag bf.

  • i think girls in those age rangers have higher demand

  • more competition at those ages

  • You ask a question like that, you gotta expect people to call you shallow. But yeah you got a point. From my experience, there will be girls that become single once they hit 19 or 20 here and there. The very first year in college was bad for me too. It got better as you go older, younger college girls come in. It gets better every year for me. The first one was the worst.