Should I stay and see where it may lead or go?

So I finally asked the guy I was seeing about where we stand ... It was a long conversation.. He said a lot of good things about me how he enjoys our time together going to lunch going bike riding blah blah blah.. Then he said he thinks its best if we keep our options open.. Honestly I was hurt because we have been seeing each other for 4 months now its not till now that he is suggesting this. This is what he text.. Today is the 20thh... I met you April 20th-

At this point I do not view this as the perfect relationship, and I will not waste your you are sweet, fun, awesome... , but yes, I think we both should keep our options open...

That being said, if you don't wanna chill, I unders

Sorry, but 4 months ain't wasting time... we had to find out... I'm busy working, and won't text anymore- gn. Comments opinions please I miss him a lot and should of kept my options open from the beginning but I though things were going so great that there was no need for that. I like him and I don't know what to do advise please. :)


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  • I wonder, have you guys had much sex, and how was it, some guys let go real quick if they think they ain't getting no nooky ya know, Now I don't know and it iant jack sh*t to do with me, byt I say plenty a fish in the sea eh. go fishing lass.

    • We have and it was great .. Actually now he says we should not have sex and keep seein each other .. Which I don't get the purpose of.

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