Would you consider this an extremely bad date?

went on a first date with a guy, and I think it was horrible. He apparently knew the hostess because they had gone to college together. She was dressed almost like a hooters waitress, so he kept checking her out every time she walked by. Then, when we ordered our food the waitress would ask if we wanted desert, and he asked what they had and when she told him, he said no thanks. He didn't even ask me if I wanted any. Also, she asked if we wanted fries to eat with our meal and he said that we would share onion rings without even asking if I liked them. He also told me that he liked to cuddle with people after sex, and his parents didn't care if he brought girls home. Then, he was walking me out to my car and thought it would be cute/funny to bump his hips into the side of mine. This guy, is like 6'3 and a lot bigger than me so he almost knocked me over in the street. Then, he tried to kiss me goodnight but I didn't want to so he tapped my and told me to text him sometime before he just walked away.Would you consider this an extremely bad date or am I high maintenance?
he tapped my car, and walked away


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  • Well checking out the waitress seems crappy to me...he kinda seems like a narcissist though., if he didn't ask you about your fries and that. The bump is a flirty sign, he didn't mean anything bad by it. The kiss though, well that seems like he may have just wanted to get you in bed. But the first thing Id look out for is the waitress deal. If he's already checking other girls out on a first date, what's he going to do if he's actually got you in a relationship? Sounds as if he doesn't care..


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