How should I tell him that I'm ready (first kiss)?

So, I'm sorta-kinda dating this guy that I have known for 3 years.(Before it goes any farther, I will be 17 in 2 weeks and he just turned 20, so it isn't like we are 12) It all came about 2 and a half months ago when I just saw him on Facebook when I was on, so I decided to say "hi" and catch up. Well, a week later his girlfriend broke up with him because she wasn't happy anymore, and yay for me, I was there, like I have been for every break up he has been through (I met him when he was dating his first girlfriend). We aren't technically dating, somewhat because I need to get my head around what is finally happening after being after him for years, and him because his girlfriend broke up with him "recently", considering they were together for a year and a half. We will finally see each other again at my school's football game in 15 days (which happens to be my birthday too). We have discussed that it would be appropriate for a hug and holding hands, but nothing more. I have told him about my past, and how I haven't had a boyfriend since an "incident" which involved sexual abuse, and how I don't feel safe around guys my around my age anymore, especially the ones that I am romantically "involved" with. I have told him that those 2 things would be appropriate, and he knows what I have been through so he is okay with taking everything slow. But my question is, I am going to want to hint to him that I am ready to kiss, I just feel like it would be appropriate, not the first time we see each other, but soon after that. I have never been kissed/whatever, and he knows that, so he wants to wait until I explicitly tell him or something, but I want to hint to him in a way that anytime he feels appropriate would be okay with me. Any ideas on how to do this? He is honestly one of the only guys I have trusted in many years, and we have been through a lot with each other, and I feel like it would make him know that I do trust him as much as I say.

Update: The age of consent in my state is 16, so I'm in the clear, and we always have been in the clear with the "4 years" between 12 and 16.


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  • Here's a simple suggestion. Kiss him.

    I don't think the world will go under even if the girl is the one who initiates the first kiss.

    And I don't think you need to worry about being bad at it. It's something you'll learn when you've kissed a couple of times.


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  • Just so I'm clear, what's the age of consent in your state?

    • ...and he wants to date a 16 year old, at 20?

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    • Yeah, I'm sure.

    • I think you need someone your own age, and so does he...he's desperate for attention, and using you!

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  • Dont ask...he will just know <3...

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