Guys: Should I text him or no?

If a guy and a girl are seeing each other for a few months, and everything seemed to be going well... But they don't see each other for a long while suddenly, they talk a lot less and now barely at all. So the last conversation was like 2 weeks ago and or so and she started it. She likes him, and he told her to her face not long ago that he still likes her when she asked, though he hasn't really bothered with her since. Will it seem desperate, or put him off more if she texts him? If she should text - what kind of thing? Sorry I'm not that experienced with this stuff


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  • Just text him something neutral.

    Avoid things like "Why haven't I heard from you? I've missed you, etc" That just sounds desperate and clingy.

    Something simple like "Hi, how's everything?"

    Then you hopefully get a reply.

    Then you reply again with something like "Wanna do something next week?"

    • Oh heck no I wouldn't text something commlike that anyway that's way too possessive. Ha ha. I was thinking something simple, as long as it's not going to put him off more. He said he likes me yet isn't really initiating contact where he always used to. Thanks for your comment

  • text him and be friendly towards him, it doesn't matter how often you text him as long as it isn't like everyday, ask him to meet up with you socially and don't be nervous because he said he is into you too, good luck :)


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