Why did he joke about wanting to hangout with me?

I was texting this guy for a month, and on two separate occasions he texted me about hanging out alone. He used "lol" and "haha" but I thought since he said it TWICE he was serious. Well I invited him over on Tuesday and he never let me know if he was coming and he hasn't texted me since. It's awkward because we used to talk everyday. I want to say something to break the ice. He probably knows I like him now and he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Call him...maybe the missed your text ;)

    • He didn't because he answered and said that he might have something else to do and that he would let me know. We talked later that night about something else and the next day he never "let me know." We haven't texted since.

    • If you like him a lot...I would say, just ask directly "Whats up, interested in hanging out on Sunday or not?"

      Sunday is just and example :D, what I mean is be very specific, tell him you want to hang out and don't want to talk about anything else till he answers that.

      If he doesn't, Don't worry! I am sure there will lot more who'd wanna hang out with you. :)

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