Is it reasonable to ask for him to pick me up ?

I've been on and off with this guy for a year. we haven't been officially girlfriend and boyfriend but we've gone out a few times. he's made it pretty clear he wants to take things slowly and whatever that's fine but I think considering everything we've gone through the least he could do is pick me up in my house next time we go out? right? I'm kind of tired of having to meet up with him some place and plus, my parents don't like that.

Even though we're not in a serious relationship right now I want him to be in my parents good side, you know? Plus, I've had to go out of my confort zone SO MUCH to be with him that I think what I'm asking is pretty minimal.

do you think I should tell propose for him to come pick me up when we go out next time? is this really a big deal for you guys? I don't want to seem like I'm pressuring him into a relationship or anything


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  • It's not a big deal, but don't use words like "propose" if you think he's easily scared off. Just ask him if he can pick you up, if he says "no" then it's probably a good sign that he doesn't drive a Maserati after all.

    • what? I know what kind of car he has... this isn't about that.

    • I've honestly never known a guy have any reservations about giving a girl a ride, our interpret it as being some sort of big deal.

      I was trying to make light of an otherwise bewildering question.

    • mmmm well OK, thanks :) I don't know I'm just insecure.

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