Would it be weird if I did this?

I like this guy. I was thinking of texting him telling him I like him. I know there's the possibility of him not replying, feeling the same way, maybe even a little awkwardness if we work together (which we rarely do) but I'd rather just get out there, get this weight off my chest, and get over him if I must. But, would this be too much?


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  • As you gain experience, you will learn that you will save yourself SO MUCH time, energy, frustration, confusion, etc. if you just TALK to the guy face-to-face and tell him how you feel, and ask how he feels. Yes, you may get an answer you don't like, but at least you'll know, and can ask him to explain right there and then and not have to wonder forever, and you can start the process of moving on. And, if he DOES like you back, then, again, you've skipped over all of the BS and gotten right to the point.

    Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT use texts for anything related to the relationship. Those discussions should always be face-to-face, or if that's absolutely impossible, then via voice call. Texts are for giving directions, phone numbers, and quick messages: "See you at 7pm, wear a skirt."

    If you hide behind your phone, you'll only had days and weeks of back-and-forth BS to all of your relationships, and you'll end up screwing some of them up simply due to dumb misunderstandings, because texting is such a poor way to have a conversation and is so easy to misinterpret.

    Find the courage you need, and just go talk to him. No matter what happens, you'll be better off.


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  • Um depends onhow long youve known him, I've been lead on so much my first instict is to ask if they like me or not like after a few days(which hardly works lol). but its nice to know right away. the best thing to do I think is face to face or a call. goodluck hope this helps

  • Just go ask him how he feels about you, face to face or over the phone, you don't have to tell him you like him just like that, and not over text at that.

  • if you wanna move on .. can't you just do it without sending him a message .. he might reply in a way that affects you more


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