Is this a reasonable text to send after she didn't respond to my date request?

Back story: We have known each other for over a year. Started talking and said we'd always liked each other. Ended up sleeping together and continued talking / hanging out but without a definition as to what we were.

So I asked her out on a date. First by text, asking if she'd want to do something. She said "awhh that sounds amazingggg". Then I called her today to see if she was free this weekend. She didn't answer the phone and texted me saying "cant talk, looking at a car" so I left a voice mail asking if she was free and wanted to go out this weekend. Couple hours later I get a text saying "guess whos getting a car tomorrow?", but no response to my date request.

Is this a good text to send?: "hey,i left you a voice mail earlier. not sure if you got it. kinda disappointed I Haven't heard from you about going out this weekend...I thought it would be fun."

I want to show her that I'm disappointed but that I'm not torn up about it. I reallllllly like her, but I can tell she's playing some sort of game. I'm willing to play along, but only so far, and I don't want to come off as clingy. Any advice/tips?


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  • I'll be honest with you, checking the voice mail is quite the chore and honestly not thought of that much. I wouldn't be offended by it and I highly doubt she's playing a game with you. She probably didn't even know you sent her a voice mail. Besides, clingy would be sending like five text messages an hour when she never responds. But anyways, I'm a firm believer in calling when it comes to this sort of thing. Nothing says, "I'm interested" like a phone call. I honestly believe she was genially busy, probably with her family since getting a car is a big deal, and she couldn't answer. So just call her the next day or now and confirm times and dates. No biggie.


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