Online dating sites: progressive or pathetic?

This question has been bothering me for quite some time. I am not talking about meeting some creeper in a chatroom. I am talking about legitimate, paid dating sites that use screening techniques, such as eHarmony. I was always strongly against those, thinking they are super lame and pathetic. I had the mindset of "Damn, how undesirable and desperate do you have to be to join a dating site?"

Recently though I've been thinking about it more. I feel like at my age (24), you should be looking for a serious relationship, and I really do want one (no I am not "desperate," I just feel ready to find someone for the long run). What is your opinion on this?

If you are pro, why? What benefits do you see to online dating? Do you really believe it can help someone who doesn't have many other opportunities to meet someone new?

If you are con, why? What are the drawbacks you see in online dating sites? Do you feel like only complete losers join those?

Thanks all :)
Online dating sites: progressive or pathetic?
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