Is he waiting for me to text him?

About a year ago I went to an event in which my friend participated in and there I met her brother. We talked a bit and I felt that he was interested. Some time later I went to her house and there the three of us spent time together. I felt him staring at me and he made an effort to look good in front of me and to catch my attention, but after my visit nothing more happened.

We didn't contact each other at all, only one time for work matters and that was short.

About half a year later I spontaneously visited that friend again. Again, I felt that there might be something between us, but absolutely nothing happened and he didn't seem so interested anymore so I choose to leave it be.

Now I happened to be in need of a dance partner for my prom and since I didn't know any guys I would really like to dance with, I choose to ask him if he would do it, since we were always nice to each other and having a good time, even if it wasn't romantic or anything. (I clearly don't have a boyfriend who would ask me to dance, but since we were only "friends" I figured it would be fine)

I almost expected him to decline and thought about who else I could ask, when he replied (we were texting) that he was super glad I asked him and that he'd do it if I would dance with him on his own prom (we are the same age). So we agreed on that and he immediately asked when we could meet.

Well since I'm friends with his sister I went to their place again and there I caught on a few signs, like staring at me again, showing off, asking me things, talking to me about our interests, laughing about my jokes and just being nice to me. He said things like "Well, I could be outside listening to the band (we were at a family party) right now, but I choose to be in here with you."

Then we started writing online and he said things like he definitely wants to play this video game with me (it's even a romantic one, haha), we should get together one evening and show each other what kind of music we listen to and that when the rehearsals for our proms begin we will be able to talk all evening if we want to. He also mentioned that his sister takes up too much of my time in comparison to him. As for my feelings, a year ago I definitely fancied him, but when nothing happened and everything cooled off it just somehow faded. So I was pretty confused that he started flirting with me like that.

I am being very friendly with him and treat him like the cool guy he is, but I'm not as outgoing as him when it comes to showing affection, especially since I'm not so sure.

Now his sister will come visit me tomorrow and I said he could come with her. He said he'd love to, but he's not so sure because he might feel left out again next to us girls. (which I find odd, if he wants to spend time with me he could come anyway)

So him and his family have been away for a few days and he said he would text me via mobile in case "things got boring", but he hasn't done so the whole day yesterday.

Is he waiting for my text?


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  • just text him

    cool name - bottle of rain. I like that

    • thanks! and I did text him in the end. doesn't seem so interested anymore though.

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