Dating a guy who annoys you, what do you do?

There's a guy who I do like and he likes me a lot more then I like him, we have a good time together, but there are things he does and says that I do not like and I try to look past them because most of the time he treats me like gold and he can be a lot of things I like too. But when he does and says the things that annoy me, I get reminded again of why I'm not sure if I want to be exclusive with him. These are things apart of his personality too that can't really be changed. I don't know if it sounds mean but is it normal to get that feeling anoint someone your dating? He likes me so much I just don't want to hurt him, what do you do?


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  • Sounds to me like you're not really that compatible.

    No matter how much this guy likes you - these things are probably always going to annoy you - and over time just get on your nerves more through no fault of his own. And you'll probably react to that at some point in an way which is out of proportion to his actions.

    Honestly you have to options - decide you can't cope and end things now.

    Or talk to him about it - but it depends what these things are. They might be things he can't really control so he might not be able to change them.

    The way I see it; being annoyed by silly little things early on with someone is kind of our subconscious trying to find an 'out' of a situation which we don't really want to be in but on paper looks great - i.e he's a nice guy who really like you and you have a good time with. But sometimes there just needs to be more than that. So if you're not really feeling it - better to end things now.

    • Thanks! Good advice. It's little things, like his jokes aren't funny, and he whistled to get a waiters attention during dinner, he calls people bro and homie lol and he can be cheap, which Idc about money but don't complain about costs. It seems like when I'm out I don't like his personality with other people, but when it's just us I like it, you do need both though...

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  • Right, if you do not let him know what is pissing you off, how the frig is he going to know not to do that any more. Tell him for gods sake, I am sure you tell him if you want sex or he to you if he wants to get into you. COMMUNICATION works wonders. And I am sure you have some traits he gets pissed off at, so expect a volley across your bows as well.


    • I don't tell him I want sex, this has nothing to do with sex.

  • Date someone that doesn't annoy you.


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  • Don't date him


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