She said she doesn't date guys with no experience.

I'm 24 years old and iv never even had a date. I was talking to this really cute girl last night who was nice. And then she rejected me in front of her 3 friends. She said she doesn't date guys with no experience. And that I need to man up and be more confident.


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  • well from what I see, in your case, you would have to be friends with a girl first. which is usually the best way to do it because the "good girls" are friends first so that you can get to know them vise versa. then it should be a long lasting relationship. oh yeah and while you're trying to be friends, don't come off as the best friend, be funny spontaneous, down to earth and flirt a little to avoid "friend zone".

    That girl that you were talking to was probably nice to begin with, may still be, but she was probably worried about what her friends would think. Both girls and guys do that all the time and you have to learn that there are more people out there waiting for a guy like you, just be more confident and happy overall and girls would admire you :P


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  • Well maybe she really wasn't interested in you... who knows. But just FYI, next time you ask a girl out or even flirt with one, make sure that she is alone. Girls act differently around their friends because they often have an image to maintain.

    • yea. Well she was alone at first. But then they caught up with her after a few minutes.

  • How did she know that you had no dating experience?

    • she asked me how many girls I had been with. I thought about lying. But I figured it was better to be honest. And look where that got me.

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