What makes you not trust a new date?

What are signs you can't trust a new date or potential partner?

Are these some good ones:

He lies about himself

He won't take you to his house (and you know he doesn't live with parents)

He says he doesn't have Facebook but you find his account.

You see him texting his so called ex often


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  • Give him a firm boot in the tooshi. Completely a piece of work in the most horrible way.


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  • -If I pay for the date, how she reacts says a lot. Like, a "make/break" lot.

    On my first date, I offered to pay. Her response? "Umm, yeah you're going to pay." I let it fly because it was my first date. But that's too big of a red flag.

    -I have to start the conversations in the relationship.

    With this same girl, if I didn't text to start a conversation or say "hey", there would be no communication the whole day.

    -How she treats other people is basically more important than how she treats me. Anyone can put on a facade for a date.

    That's why I hate the fancy formal dates that seem fairly common. It's more of an interrogation, and either party can and probably will put on a mask of "ladylike" and "manly".

    But how she treats or talks about other people is more of a hint as to how she would feel about me when I'm not at my best. And THAT is more important than what she thinks of me at my "studliest".

    -She treats me like being a man is an "original sin" of sorts.

    This is hard to pin on a specific behavior, but it's obvious in the personality as a whole. Basically, the date consists mostly of me having to prove something to her, and her not doing anything to prove something back. It's this idea that she holds herself on a moral pedestal: Treating herself as the "desired" and me as the one who has to be worthy of her presence.

    This can basically tell me right off the bat how our fights are going to go. She'll hold herself being right more important than the truth or the relationship, I've dealt with it before. I'm usually quick to admit when I'm wrong, or agree to disagree, because the relationship is more important than my ego. Right or wrong has little bearing to my respect for someone.

    It also tells me how the relationship would go. It would consist of me running around basically dancing to prove she should stick around, and she will give very little reciprocation, but mostly criticism.

    So this one is probably the biggest deal of them all.

  • if she talks a lot about how her ex was a horrible boyfriend.

    if she keeps trying to prove how compatible we are, (even if she has to lie about herself or even me to do it).

    if she pretends something doesn't bother her when it is visibly obvious that it does.

    if she invites herself to hang out with me and my friends.

    This is all evidence that she is just trying to get into a relationship and has no interest in me for sex. Can't trust her.

  • I think the biggest one would be catching her in a lie.

    If I saw her texting her ex on our first date, that'd probably end the date.

    If she gave me the impression that she has a general distrust of guys, I'd be wary as well. It's not a red flag, this can happen because of being hurt in the past, but it can also be a sign that she has no actual interest and is gonna try to use me.

  • I think persons have to saying real thinks about himself or herself in a relationship. But he wasn't saying true thinks about himself. In this case your relationship doesn't go on for a long time. Leave him. And find another one

  • Lies.

    It includes concealing of truth.


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  • I suppose 2 of the reasons you mentioned are about him lying and that is probably the biggest reason not to trust him. You always have to wonder when a guy continues texting his ex frequently. In my experience, those are usually the too nice guys, but there's always an open door in "case of emergency", it seems...

    If it's a new date, I wouldn't mind much him not taking me to his house. Actually I might not wanna go so soon either.

    Other reasons,

    *money; asking you out and forgetting his wallet.

    *impolite and short-tempered, being rude to waitresses or other people in general, mistreating animals, etc.

    *being too full of himself; next thing you know he will start making demands for you to keep up with him and/ or keep him

    *disrespect; not caring about your schedule, opinion, family, friends...


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