Opinions on how to handle infatuation, please!

I have never lost anyone close to me. No true family deaths, no friends, nothing. I lost my best friends when I was fourteen (due to an outside occurrence, nothing that any of us had done), which upset me immensely and ruined my entire summer, but I worked hard and I got them back. They're not my best friends any more, but we talk and they are still in my life. That's what matters.

I've never been in a relationship. I get asked out a lot, but no guys ever really sparked anything in me.

Until now... I had this thing with this guy for a WHILE. He is a great catch and he knows it. He refuses to commit to me. He's broken my heart a few times over the course of our dating due to his callous actions and words. He cares about me, but clearly he's not infatuated with me, as I am with him.

He recently did something that was nigh on unacceptable. I broke it off with him and haven't spoken to him since... but it's killing me. It hurts so much to think he is not in my life any more. I know I SHOULDN'T go back to him, but I want to. Even if we're "just friends" (although we've never been capable of being just friends before).

Now here's the thing: people tell me I need to go through this, because I don't know HOW to lose people. They tell me that I'm going to have to lose people eventually. Well, then why don't I go back to him now? It's inevitable in the future, but I can fix right now, so why don't I go back to him right now? I can't logically figure out why I should stay away from him.


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  • You can't fix it. You can only prolong the inevitable. He doesn't care about you. He's likely just using you, because, well, you let him. Why should he commit to you? He knows you'll be there waiting for him regardless of how he treats you. By the way, you can't lose this guy. You never had him to begin with.

    • I don't really think he's using me but I know. It just hurts too much to lose him (out of my life).

    • It doesn't matter what you have or haven't experienced in life. You WILL experience loss at some point. We all do. What did he do that was unacceptable? You need to think about yourself and protect you from getting hurt.

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