How did I fall this fast?

I met this guy this summer and we really hit it off -- like it just felt right. We've only been a few dates and only really kissed and cuddled. I immediately felt comfortable with him. And I guess I freaked myself out and took a break. A few weeks later, I talked to him again and it felt like we were right back where we left off. He told me that he thinks about me a lot and likes me. But I'm still pretty anxious about it. It's cheesy, but I've never felt so much so soon with so little. He said the same thing before I could explain myself. I've been hurt very badly in the past and definitely have some "trust issues"... So I'm very hesitant to move forward. Can you give any advice? Like, do you think he could be using me? We haven't had sex yet and it's been two months. I've never been with a guy this long without feeling some sort of pressure. Is he actually a nice guy?! I'm just blown away.


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  • hmm... none here can tell you if he could be using you or not. For all we know YOU could be using him. You give to little information for anyone to have any inside information about his potential hidden agendas.

    Most guys are actually nice guys. But it's when you distrust them and indirectly accuse them for having hidden agendas that a nice guy can turn into something else. Don't be surprised if someone treats you good. This is why many girls end up with a holes since they can't accept, appreciate or not even believe that the guy is sincere when they treat you nice.

    Learn to trust in yourself and in others and it will be fine...


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