Why would someone always send you texts acting like they're interested?

Was talking with this girl I knew for a couple weeks and she always mentioned how we should hang out in person and through texts and stuff when we first met. Later on I tried pushing it and wanted to go out with her and she always responds with texts sounding exciting saying we should and stuff but would never actually say when or anything. This kept happening for awhile then I stopped texting her only to realize she is not texting me back at all and doesn't care even though she responds to all my texts super positive and like she' interested. Girls why the hell would you do this and trick a getting him to think you like him? I seriously want to burn this bridge with this girl right now and just call her out on what she did.


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  • did YOU ever set a date to hang? because you said she was the one who started out asking you to met up and stuff. If someone says to me "we should hang sometime" my response is more than likely always gong to be "yea we should =)" maybe next time ask her what she's doing on a particular day instead of being so general about it. Most girls feel like were being annoying or clingy when we ask a guy to hang with us. or even like were being pushy..

    • ok but even still I think she would have texted me at least once in the last 3 weeks saying hello or something so I'm gonna take it as she's not interested anymore.

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    • so give up? lol.

    • lol that's up to you. do you really like this chick?

      if yea, then maybe you should text her and actually ask her to hang out, but actually tell her a day you have in mind.

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  • If she's anything like me, she was probably waiting for you to set a date. She might be thinking you're saying it just to be polite..because you don't seem to be setting a specific date. Next just say something like 'we should hang out, does Saturday work?' Then you can better judge her interest from her response


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  • remember one thing:girls are insecure. and if you act like this (texting without a finality) you'll make it even worst.

    be a man and ask her out. I hope you already know what she likes so text her: "we have to hung out. I know you like ..this... so you'll do it ..tomorrow... and we will meet ...there..". when you text her always assume she wants to go out with you and she has time. use no questions!

    and don't make a drama out of everything. you will turn her out


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