Why does he take so long to write back?

I've been writing a guy friend long distance for the past month. We write about once a week on average via Facebook. Before I left the city we were both living in he said that we should write each other, so it was his idea not mine. I really like the guy and I ended up telling him. He wrote me back with a bunch of smiles in his message and said really? I never thought you liked me :) but he never said I like you too.

Whenever I write him I wait days to hear from him and it's really hurting me. I once waited 12 days! That time I thought he would never write again and my heart was broken but when he finally wrote me back he put a huge :) in the message first thing in bold and wrote hi, how are you? It brought back all my feelings for him.

He is a very serious guy so I think smiles in messages from him mean something. He is also not very social and busy with work so it might have a little to do with taking so long to reply. He never writes very much so I don't know if he is interested anymore. He does not seem to open up to me like I want, so we can really get to know each other. Sometimes he seems really interested in what I write and other times he seems really bored :/ He ends his messages with questions as if he wants to talk to me but takes so long to reply.

Is it okay for someone to treat me this way...even just a friend? He is the such a nice guy.

P.S. he only has internet on his phone and I am the only person he talks to on Facebook


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  • he might have just been busy or he is trying to play it cool, either way I wouldn't worry

  • Friendship is a two way street.


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