Is this rebound, or is he serious?

So... I met this guy whilst attending a wedding of a friend. He and I spent the day after the wedding together (he asked, and I postponed my flight home), and we've been talking every day since (on Facebook). My friend says he is a great guy, and he seems like it.

Here's the catch - we live QUITE far apart. like.. one hour by plane + driving far to the airport. And he just came out of a serious relationship (like 3 weeks after his last relationship, he met me).

But then he asked me to attend this formal dinner party with him next month. There must be a million girls he could ask that lives closer than I do, and we talk like .. every day.. When we talk, he is interested in how my day goes, he tells me I'm sweet, and he shows an interest in my life (I of course do that too)... The reason we talk by Facebook or text is because both he and I both prefer texting to calling.

I do not want to get hurt again (I recently came out of a long-term-long-distance-thing, so yeah..) ...

He only mentioned his ex and the break up because I asked (asking about a photo of what turned out to be her cat), he was not afraid to tell mutual friends that something had happened (they already knew though, but he told me he told them something had happened), and he kisses me in public, and we talk a lot (as I said).

I'm just bad at reading signs, and scared to be a rebound.. yeah...

So Is it rebound? Or is this taking things slow?


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  • Hard to tell if it is a rebound, but his profound interest in you is a clue. The level of intensity of interest might suggest he's done with the old relationship but you never know. On a rebound girls tend to possibly still have feelings for the ex if she was the one who got hurt. With guys this varies. The guy seems to be genuine when he's asking about your day, so he's maybe taking it slow. But asking you to be at a formal dinner party seems a bit early in my opinion, especially 3 weeks after his breakup. Asking to be at such parties should normally require having known someone a lot longer than 3-6 months at least or when one is engaged. Perhaps he really does like you. You just have to test the waters and follow your gut instincts.

  • He seems sincere with his intentions. I don't think that a guy would be interested in rebounding with someone who lived a quite distance away from him. If he seems genuine to you, then trust what your heart and judgement tell you; don't bring any past emotions from previous relationships into new ones. In regards to being scared to take a chance, you have to trust your best instinct. Take things slow, continue to talk to him and just see where things go; don't be hesitant of something that could be something special.


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