Why aren't I getting any responses from her?

Yesterday I called this girl I met in school.

She didn't pick up the phone so I called

about an hour later, still not answering.

So I texted her... still no responses at all.

I didn't hit her up ever since 4:30pm yesterday.

Does this mean that she doesn't like me?

I really liked her :(


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  • well sometimes girls don't always wanna talk when you want to. or they are just busy. look on her Facebook page and see what she has posted recently. maybe she posted that she had a lot to do. she might even be too busy to even text back. sometimes she may not feel like answering you. she may not like you anymore. you can't always predict correctly. try to have a normal convo with her and try not to hit her up until she wants to be hit up on. girls get uncomfortable when they do something they don't wanna do.


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  • Oh, I REALLY hate it when you guys do that! Call once, and if she doesn't call back - WAIT until she calls back, not another hour! That set's off more warning flags than you know!

  • Think of friendships/relationships as a rope. When you pull at your end, don't keep on pulling until the person pulls back on their end, lest you'll come off as needy. I can't know for sure whether she likes you or not. You just have to wait and see though, maybe she was busy.


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