Do you think he'll ever ask me out again?

I was dating this guy for a few weeks and he wanted to go all the way but I didn't because he and I didn't know each other that well yet and I told him that. He immediately moved away from me and I got pretty hurt by that so I shut down (its a reaction that I'm working on stopping) and he walked outside to smoke after a few minutes without saying a word so I walked outside to leave and we said bye but he didn't walk me to my car like he has always done. We haven't hung out in a few days which is VERY odd because we always spend every night or so together after work (we work at the same place). So does this mean he isn't going to ask me out anymore because I wouldn't go all the way?


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  • What this is is a big red flag for someone who only cares about getting in your pants and if you want a relationship like that go right on ahead but if you're looking for something serious then forget him because even if he does come back back to you there will always be that nagging voice in your head asking if he really likes me for me. It might hurt but its better to be a little hurt now then a lot hurt later.

    • Thanks, you make a really good point. I just like him a lot :/

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    • If I could chime in, you should look for a non-smoker, you might find someone who's more genuine.

    • Well I've dated both and I think it honestly just depends on the person :/ but thanks for the thought :)

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  • To be honest, it sounds like he cares too much about getting physical - if he really cared about YOU, he would not only respect your decision, but maintain his interest regardless because he would be interested in you as a person and not just hooking up with you. I'm not saying don't give him a chance, but be cautious if you continue to see him, because he definitely has hooking up as his main motivator at this point.

    • I just thought that was a part of him being a 19 year old guy. I figured that as we got to know each other more he would like me more for me.

    • That's possible too - don't completely give up on him, just move forward with caution! It's very possible that if things continued, he would like you more for you and care less about the physical aspect. However, it's also possible that he just wants to get in your pants - so I would not immediately trust him or his intentions. But if you really like him, give him a chance to show you that he actually cares.

    • Well I'm naturally a very trusting person because I don't like to assume every person is "bad" but I probably need to start being more cautious haha

  • yeah he thought he could get it in and learned he couldn't so he's done sorry


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