Relationship advice for girls?

Anything they SHOULD and should NOT do to maintain being your girlfriend?


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  • DISCLAIMER - The following is from my observations of relationships that have gone bad amongst other guy friends. I have never had a girlfriend so my advice isn't from first hand experience, just outside empirical observation and hypothesis. Consider my advice, but do not follow it until someone more experienced actually confirms what I am saying (I could be wrong, after all)


    *Let him know you want to keep the relationship going but want to know how he feels. However, do not ask this question multiple times! Just ask it in a very serious manner when you are in an intimate setting ONCE. Make sure he has your complete attention and isn't doing ANY other activity but focusing on you. If he feels like it cannot continue then you should break-up with him. It can only end in agony if you do not -sorry, but it's true 99% of the time.

    *Ask him if there is anything you have been doing that has been getting on his nerves (only once or twice). If he says there is, don't snap back and become upset immediately -actually try to figure out why he feels like this from his perspective and determine what you can do to change (ONLY if you find the change agreeable; otherwise you should really question why you want to continue this relationship)

    *Follow him around and spy on him because you think he is cheating on you. If he is, you will either find out in a dramatic moment and everything will end painfully. If he isn't, he will think you are a bitch for not trusting him and then he will have one more reason to actually break-up with you.


    *Be so clingy as to never let the guy hang around with his guy friends for drinking and dude-ing out. If you are so paranoid you can ask to tag along on a dude party once, but honestly there's a reason it's guys only (hint: it either involves a lot of drinking, farting, and being disgusting, or it involves playing Dungeons and Dragons -I'm serious)

    *Worry about him cheating. Honestly, I think most genuinely good guys would end one relationship before starting a new one. If he doesn't then you really don't want to continue this relationship.

    If he tells you "it's over" even once, that means it really is over for good. Even if he comes back to you it will be over again and again. It will turn into a cycle of him coming back to you and then leaving repeatedly -this foundation will never be stable and you will eventually go insane and end things yourself. Only then will the healing begin. Also you will almost definitely turn into a bitch from the relationship as a result.

    Finally, this is all from an outside perspective of a 27 year-old man virgin observing his more successful friends. Don't listen to me unless someone confirms some of my statements, okay?

    • I think the "follow him around and spy on him" should be under "SHOULD NOT"?

    • Oh, crap! Yeah, that needs to be one lower. Anyway to edit previous posts?

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  • Question 722708 I asked guys what would make them break up with their girlfriend, and I think the major turn off is when a girl has a bad opinion of her man, and shares it with the world. Don't trash talk.

    And on the other hand, if you hear someone talking your guy down, defend him, I'd add. I know I'm a little eccentric and socially awkward, and it's great to think that out there in public when someone picks at my ADD or choice of clothes, she's going to tell them they don't know what they're talking about.

    Because that's how most of us are with our mates. Loyal. Even in an open relationship, or maybe especially in an open relationship, you should show fealty.

    Then I think nagging gets it for me. Already mentioned the ADD. Don't need someone else telling me I'm disorganized. No thanks.

    Do little things for him. Encourage him to reciprocate. Trade foot massages. You've got my permission to tell him if his feet stink, that's not really nagging.

    We're not too much different in relationships. Guys can get pretty well in touch with their emotions with a woman in their life. So obey the golden rule and treat him how you'd like to be treated.

  • Hmm, don't get too naggy or complainy (this is a little subjective). Your his girlfriend, not his mother. Have your own life too, everyone needs some space and when it feels like someone is the complete focus of the relationship it can be a total turn off. Don't give up the fun things like going out and having fun. Don't flirt with other guys, don't entertain their flirting with you, we can get jealous pretty easily and it can turn out poorly. That's all I got for now X)

  • SHOULD: Tell him you want to be in a relationship with him (this is assuming you're already at the "girlfriend / boyfriend" stage).

    SHOULD NOT: Try to change him because of a. you'd think it'd be fun to try; b. you think he'd be a better man for it; think you'd like him more if he did ...

    SHOULD: Tell him what's on your mind. Men aren't mind readers.

    SHOULD NOT: Fake liking something you don't. You may grow to like something in time.

  • I think your profile picture looks great and makes you look mature for your age. I was shocked to find out you're only seventeen. I'm sure many guys will be happy to be with you. Happy searching.


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  • should:

    tell him what you want in a relationship, like no cheating and to hang out with him at least once a week and be noticed and respected

    should not: should not disrespect him and talk on and on about your ex


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