I have been single for 2 and a half years now. Am I just so unattractive, uninteresting and undatable?

In those two and a half years I have dated 3 girls. One went on 3 dates, one on one date and one off and on until it ended.

I have been rejected over 100 times. I am not single for lack of trying!

What the hell am I doing wrong?

(I normally post anonymously but I am not doing it this time so you can see me)
I love how no girls have commented on this. I feel like nobody wants to tell me I am unattractive or boring looking or something...


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  • You appear to be picking the wrong girls.

    Just wait for the right one and she will come eventually.

    Whether it happens when you least expect it, or whether it happens when you most expect it.

    Whether it happens in a day, or whether it happens in ten years.

    Just wait.

    She will come.

    I believe this from the fact that there is someone for everyone, because everyone is beautiful to someone so everybody can be liked by someone, so everybody can find their right one for them.

  • Here's how I see it.

    The next 100 women you meet will yield better success because you learned a lot from the past 100 women. Try to identify where you went wrong. Each rejection, learn one lesson.


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