How can I put one girl first?

So I'm in high school right, and getting girls is easy for me but getting the right one's the problem, girls come and talk to me and most of them end up liking me. But lately a lot of girls having been jellin. every time they see me talking to another girl they give me these evil ass eyes, like they're the only girls I should be talking to. YET we're not even dating.

For ex. this Asian girl in my la class likes me but we rarely talk, so last Friday in class I was going to sit next to her but another girl asked me if I could sit next to her, so I was like sure, so we talked and talked (during class) and she' s real cool (from Ireland), but the Asian girl was eyeing me the whole time and it was kind of annoying. Even worse at the end of class while I was still talking to the other girl she came over to my desk and said NOTHING, (we were standing) I ignored her since I was still talking to the other girl, so she just STOOD THERE, for like five minutes, and she even dropped her books on my desk, then she finally went away, and that was that.

But it's not just her, There's these other two girls in my ap world class, and they both like me and they know that they both like me (competition) yet one girl wants me to walk her home everyday and I really don't want to,and the other girl touches and flirts with me and she has a boyfriend who's real cool (she never told me until I found out on Friday), this girl stares at me all the time in class gives me weird "relationship" hugs and I don't know what to do Because there's this other Asian girl I want to date but I don't want her to think I'm a player which a lot of people are thinking, how can I put one girl first?


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  • Grow some balls. Be honest and learn how to say "No". If you just sit back and let everyone give you attention then of course people will think you're just a player. You're not gonna get into any serious relationships with that kind of reputation.

    And don't give me any of that "I just don't wanna be mean"-bullsh*t. By not telling these girls who you really want to be with you're being way more mean, dishonest and disrespectful to them than if you just said, "Sorry, not interested in you that way, let's just be friends".

    Sorry if I sound harsh, not trying to be mean, just telling you how I honestly feel.


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  • It seems like you're flirting around with every girl and don't even realize it yourself. "Can you sit next to me?", seriously? Wow. Think you're giving too much individual attention to every girl which means you are acting like a player and is very natural for each of them to think you might be interested in them. Maybe it will all backfire at you later and for what reason, really?

    It's not like you can't be friends with other girls, but there is a boundary. It's the girl you want to date you should be sitting next to, smiling, talking to, etc.

    • but the girl I want to talk to is not in any classes with me, and plus I don't want to be mean to any of the girls that like me

    • What do you mean, her not being in the same classes with you makes it alright for you to go around flirting with other girls? Because if it's about finding a way to approach and talk to her that's an entirely different subject.

      I'm not saying to stop talking to them or even being friends with them, but moderate the amount of attention you dedicate to them. Like you "talked and talked" during class? And then you don't want to be mean but ignored the Asian girl without even a greeting?

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