So I should not expect anything from a guy met at a club?

this guy I met at a club texted me 'Would you beg to have s3x with me and my friend( a guy friend)' and then I said no to him then he replied me

'haha I was just joking we were betting on what you would say'

Are you gonna very offended by this text?

Why do you think He texted me like that?

I still can't believe it and I never this insulted like that.

I did not do anything / wrong to him.


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  • It was probably just a way of asking you if you would be interested in having a threesome with him and his friend in a way that you could say yes if you were actually interested and that would make it look like just a joke if you said no. Don't take it as an insult. I don't think that was his aim of sending that message to you.


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