Dating a guy from a millionaire matchmaker site?

I only joined that site because before I moved to L.A. for college I was contacted by a model agency and I figured why not give it a try. I needed some more professional pictures and that company offered to do them for a 2 year contract.

I actually got a job or two, but mainly I'm just going to college but I still need to go on a date every once in a while. I didn't really expect anything. What kind of idiot would go to a millionaire matchmaker, right?

And most guys I dated were either ugly, old or in another way creepy. But the last one was actually kinda nice. He was a bit older but not super old, handsome and I just liked talking to him. Now I'm wondering if I should call him back for a second date?

I feel a bit weird about it, I don't want to come off like a gold digger which is kinda hard after you joined a website like that


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  • it sounds like you are stretching a little bit to justify this relationship. In other words, no matter how far it goes, I'm guessing this match-up is going to be doomed from the start. I mean, unless the idea of being a trophy wife appeals to you...


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  • Of course. You should meet the guy once again. I also met my soul mate - a kind & rich man on datingrichmen (dot org). The largest dating site for meeting with successful wealthy guys and classy women (athletes, doctors, CEOs, models, lawyers, ce... Over 1700000 active members from local and worldwide. Easy to search. Live chat. Free to post & browse. Have a try!


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  • How can you date a guy when you are Anonymous?


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