Should you believe drunken ramblings?

Is there any truth to them? I'm in college and we just got done with some highly stressful exams and a few of us decided to go have a little celebration. I get really stressed out and can't sleep before any major exam so I ducked out early to catch up on sleep. But once I got home I couldn't sleep and was up reading. At around midnight, one of my closest guy friends of 6 years( Also included in the celebratory party) called. And the convo went along the lines of.

Guy: "Hey" sounding a little slurred

Me: "Hey. where are you? you ok?"

Guy: "Yea we're still here. You not asleep? Did I wake you?"

Me : "Nope, couldn't sleep."

Guy: (At this point he sounds a little confused, and adorably so,

and I can't stop laughing)

" But why? I like your half asleep voice. It's shaysky. Saky?

Seky. Seeexy "

After some pretty random conversation and asking him if he was fine again and where the others were, I hear one of his best friends asking him what the hell he was doing and then he talks in a really hushed tone. and goes

"The guys are here.I'll call you again. I'll call. I love you.

Really do. Gnite beautiful"

And then his friend tries taking the phone and goes

"You not supposed to call people when you're drunk"

The thing is best guy friend sounded so serious. Or as serious as a drunk person could. It's not that we haven't said I love you platonically before. But it just seemed different this time.

So dismiss it as drunken ramblings or is there any truth to it? I think I'm already half way in love with him. And if I wasn't so intent on not falling for him I'd, probably be head over heels and a raving lunatic by now.


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  • Drunken words are sober thoughts, alcohol removes the filtration or the part of you that cares to filter your thoughts and you end up saying what ever you think or feel so yes, I would say drunken ramblings have more truth to them then sober words because sober words are filtered.


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