Am I helping or hurting by not texting her?

The girl I like has been really busy lately. We hung out a couple times a few weeks ago. She ended up staying over one night and we hooked up. It's pretty official that we both like each other, just when it comes to hanging out she's really flaky. I told her how much I'd like to see her on a regular basis and she said she wanted to spend time with me too but it was really hard right now because she was so busy with stuff in her life. I told her I get it and if we could find just little times to see each other that'd be great and she said that'd be nice and smiled at me.

I realize she's under a lot of stress, but I haven't heard from her for going on two days. She always used to text me or call me to say hi or just have a random conversation but lately all it's been is me texting her to see if she can hang out at some point and her either not responding for hours or until the next day or her saying she is busy today and can't.

So I haven't texted her in a couple days and I keep hoping that I'll hear from her eventually. I mean, even if she is really busy, can she really not find ten seconds in the day to send me a text to at least show me she is TRYING to put in some effort? So am I helping or hurting our situation by keeping silent and waiting for her to step up?
Am I helping or hurting by not texting her?
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