Do you think an evaluation period is necessary before starting a relationship?

This guy I am seeing wants an "evaluation period" which I think is silly... though he isn't doing anything with anyone else. He says it is "seeing each other" .. in my eyes, there is just single, and in a relationship.. all or nothing.


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  • As my opinion, no need to evaluation period to start relationship because when I saw one beautiful or innocent or very cute girl our relationship will create at ones. that's nature, but we can't say every thing what we have in our heart. I think this is the reality. if I want to say some thing I want plan how can reach to her or who is the her best friend and with what person she keep close relationship like that mattes

    but what I say second time, this is difference against relationship because that one is our plan to explain our feeling to her or him but what we plan to explain now you think about this, if we think deeply about our feeling at this movement we have already created relationship with her.

    that relationship created in our HEART atones.therefore no need to evaluation period to start a relationship.


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  • He could just want to get to know you better or he is keeping his options open. People don't really explain their behavior or give solid reasons behind the judgement or actions.

    If you start dating someone you rarely know, you have no idea how awful people they can really be on the inside.


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  • isnt that what getting to know someone is-an evaluation period?

    you don't just ho into a relationship with strangers.

    I think evaluation happens in any relationship. friends, bfs/ gfs, house keepers, gardeners babysitting. chefs.. employees. employers. psychiatrists. doctors. certainly for myself it holds very true. mine tend to go on for rather extended periods of time tho. I'm working on that.

    i suppose may people jump in as well. many dont. you two have different ideas of what's reasonable. it doesn't make him wrong. you right. or him right. you wrong.

    • Why would I jump into a relationship with a stranger..? We aren't strangers..

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    • Right. Apparently anyway, since he hasn't made it clear he wants to be in a relationship yet

    • So basically, he's saying he needs more time to decide. He is putting a fancy spin on wanting to continue seeing you-dating. While he decides if he wants to commit- relationship.

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