Why he would do that to me? I don't understand.

i mean we were so good together he did a lot of things to talk to me , whenever I talk with anyone of the boys when I leave he go right after and keep asking them about me .he said I want to know you he even asked me out then he was acting kinda strange when I asked him are you mad about something I did ?he said no I'm a little upset ? then he asked me again I wanna see you I said ok...

then I called him he didn't reply , he didn't call me back even. I sent him a message on fb if you don't wanna us talk again or if you got someone special in your life just say its OK. he saw it but didn't answer me... I don't know what happened

i mean he could have said anything like I'm sorry didn't hear when you called or anything right ! even if he got a new girl ( I don't know when did that happened ) if it did...

i'm not happy and my heart is broken , I won't call or send him anything again but I want to know what the hell happened... we still friends on fb but if any of my friends told me that they saw him or when they ask me how things are going between you and him I feel so sad..

and our result appeared he didn't even asked me what I did... nothing


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  • Maybe he was talking to you and other girls at the same time. And maybe he made a choice. He also could be wanting you to chase him.It doesn't make sense for him to ask you out and not being serious about it. Maybe he also likes to play games.Their could be a lot of reasons for his actions. I think you have to try and move on from this.He should had been more open and kept things real with you.

    • thank you :) I'm trying to move on but you know when someone changes for no reason you keep tryin to know the reason

    • You very welcome :) And yeah your right moving on is very hard. The way how he changed wasn't fair and it wasn't right. Their was a reason for the way he acted. Maybe he might tell you the reason one day. Some guys just disappear out of girls lives and they never give them a reason as to why and this really bothers a lot of girls not knowing why. You deserve better and someone who will treat you right. I hope he tells you the reason why he was acting funny.

  • Games he loves the game he can play with you its fun to him all you have to do is change the game


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