Why do I Is there something wrong with me?

This is a random question but I got to ask some how and get it of my mind. So here it goes: When it comes down to boys over all or dating I have a problem into to letting myself go. SO meaning Like when it comes down to me dating white guys I love them to death but I would not allow them to touch me in ways or have sex and if I do it's like 3-4 or more months late and even just kissing. And with black guy's I let them have sex with me less then a week or so and what ever and kissing to, it's not ever black guy just the ones I can see myself doing crazy things with and this can be a person I been knowing about a week or do that crazy or it can be an old ex of mys. But Question is why do I do that with black guys give it up to most and white I'm like a Uh idk. If anyone knows please tell me thanks? :)


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  • Maybe either you feel more reserved around white guys, or more comfortable with black guys, because of something that happened in your past? Or maybe where/how you were brought up? There might be some old memories, like if a white guy you were dating really hurt you in the past, or old teachings; Like someone said to you once "Don't trust white guys" or "Marry a brother." That kind of thing, if you still believe the teachings or you're still hung up on the break-up, could totally affect how you act now, and how you feel about different guys.

    Do you feel like skin color really affects you seeing a guy as long-term potential? If you do, do you think white guys, or black guys are more likely for you?

    What do you feel like when you don't let white guys get close? Are you afraid of them? Or why are you more comfortable with black guys? Skin color doesn't mean personality, so I think it's something in your past that's affecting you, something that happened, or something you learned.

    Because humans have to be taught to be racist, to see and categorize people by skin color. No baby is born racist, it's something you "learn" from the people around you, like parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and others, or from your own experiences, as you grow up.

    So, what do you want? Do you want to see guys, and be with them, equally, regardless of skin color? Do you want to not be so reluctant to f*** white guys?

    Ask yourself, and listen: What do you want?

    • I mean don't get me wrong I like white guys I really do like a lot. My last boyfriend was white! it's just that I guess I had more black boyfriend's in my past and it was so easy to deal with them, but I notice I always ended up getting use or played by a black guy. I mean there was a few that treated me good but the ones I let myself go to it has took over my life. I mean sex is not ever thing I'm not a whore or slut, I don't sleep around with guys like that.

    • It's just when it come down to some black guys I give it up to them faster, and when I'm with a white guy it's more about respect and having them wait. I guess it's just that I never really had sex or made out with white guy's so maybe that how my mind is.

  • Hey, me again. I answer like this to have more space.

    I understand what you're saying about the white guys, and having respect, I'm just trying to think of why you feel so easy about giving it to black guys and not white guys.

    You say when you're with a white guy, it's more about respect and having them wait, it that because you don't want them to think you're easy, you're afraid at first and want to make sure you can trust them, or you just feel like they should wait?

    And do you feel like black guys already respect you, so you just go for it? Looking back, have you stayed with a guy even though there were signs he didn't care and/or would hurt you in the end? It may not be just about the sex with them, but maybe you have something going on personally that makes you want to go to them, or go back to them, to be with them, even if they play you or use you, or end up sort of "taking over" things?

    Just some ideas. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to ask more questions

    • Ok thanks I just send you a friend add.

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