Should text him now or wait?

There's this guy that I'm beginning to like and we have been texting a lot. He texts back every time I text him but this time he hasn't.

I texted him a total of 4 times in the past 2 days and no reply.

The 1st time I was answering a question he had, the 2nd time I was commenting on an earlier text, 3rd time was on accident and the last time was to explain that the 3rd time was the accident.

NOW, I want to talk to him today but he hasn't texted me. Should I wait and see if he texts me first or should I go ahead and text him?

PS: I'm not desperate or clingy, (in fact I don't text him a ton) but I do want to talk to him today (been thinking about him).


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  • just text a small "hey, what's up?" or whatever. Maybe he's been busy with other stuff.


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