How to text/msg back? do I mirror?

if someone takes two days to message back, do I take two days to message back as well?


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  • If you wait no conversation will happen... He text you, so that's your opportunity to start talking. If you sit around watching the clock he's going to find something else to do then talk to you. He will also either get the impression that you are 1) Not interested or 2) are playing games if you start texting back the same amount of time all the time. It looks almost desperate when a girl will text you back exactly 30 minutes or exactly one hour after you text them. It's like they spent all that time watching the clock. It always makes me laugh and shake my head when they do that.

    • well, if someone takes TWO days to email back, why should I message back right away? I don't think it's desperate, it's parlaying a reciprocal response

    • Well, it's up to you... I'm just say this, when I message someone and they don't get back to me shortly I go of and do something. Then when I'm done I'll check my inbox. That might be an hour, it might be 6 hours. When someone texts me to start a convo I try to get back to them as soon as possible if I can talk then.

    • When it seems like a game, I don't even really feel like talking to them at all and might just hit delete.

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  • like pr3ttybr0wn said. Don't wait 2 days, but wait a few hours


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  • You don't have to wait that long, but you certainly don't have to make answering their text a big priority either. You could wait until you're done eating, after you've watched your show, or anytime you want like right now.

  • not that long...but I would definitely wait to resond for at least a few hours

    • he took two days to respond to a email...that says I should take just as long ot respond. he checks his email EVERY DAY.

    • if its an email maybe he rewote it or wanted to dedicate time to it...or maybe he stalled. If its email wait a day. He may know what's up if you wait 2.

    • he knows I'm fast w email and text, but why should I write back right away if the favour is never returned. it ultimately doesn't matter.

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