What do you do when you feel like you are being ignored by a guy you like?

I like this guy a lot and he says he's interested too. He works full time an so do I. He also golfs, does tournaments, sometimes out of state. I know it takes up a good portion of his time. But there are times when I feel like I'm being ignored, when I text him hi and don't get a response for a few days and then I try again and sill nothing. I went a week and didn't treat him and he finally replied as talked for a while showing interest again. He says to me " don't worry fall will be here soon :)" meaning golf season will calm down and we can talk more? I know if I say something I will look crazy so what do you do?


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  • If you like him, wait it out. I had a similiar problem with my boyfriend when we weren't serious but when we got serious he made "us" and me more of a priority. He still isn't the most attentive when he's doing something, the other day he was on a business trip and I texted him to remind him about printing out his boarding pass, early to avoid hassle...I mentioned it again two days later and he's like "You texted me? and I didn't reply? Oh my bad" he sincerely meant to text me back and just got busy at a meeting (and forgot about the boarding pass, too lol).

    Also guys aren't glued to there phones, like girls are and often times don't think of time apart like girls do. For example girls are like "omg, its been like three days" guys are like "I know she's alive, no worries" they just think differently, so don't worry about it. Keep yourself busy.

    • Ok thanks, I guess it's not so bad, still sucks and I feel like I'm bothering him or annoying him. When I see him in person he will always get my attention to talk to me so I'll wait it out for now. Should I not text him again until he does. There was also time where he apolOgized. I just really like him lol

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    • Wow, you really understand men. hahaha. That's so totally awesome. :) If only more girls understood men like you do. And if only men could understand women better too. :)

    • nooo, I have my own share of problems with them, but some stuff you learn with time I guess.

  • if a guy wants to talk to you, he will make the time

    • So should I not talk to him until he talks to me?

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